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Lee Kim


Better Design of Menu Selection System Through Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors

The article was about how cognitive psychology contributed to development of menu selection design for computer and other devices.  This article was informative and interesting because it demonstrated how the study of human cognitive process applies to designing the menus of devices people use everyday. For effectiveness of the breadth versus depth design, the long breadth design was much more effective than the deep depth of the menu design.  It was interesting to find out how human’s visual system divides the long breadth of menu to subcategories to scan the target more efficiently. 

The ordering of the lists also has implication of study of human cognitive process.  Organizing the lists according to its semantics, logical orders, and similarities is the effective ways to organize the lists on the menu.  These strategies of organizing the lists speed up the process of selection on the menu. The clustering according to top-bottom process and bottom-up process also facilitates the effective selection on the menu.  The top-down approach is dividing the lists into categories by differentiating between the items.  The bottom-up approach is combining the similar items until all the items are combined. The author states that both approach is effective depends on the task performed.  It was really interesting to know that clustering shortened the selection task from one minute to one second.  The effect of clustering when designing menu was insightful because I recognize how I often naturally use both the top-bottom approach and the bottom-up approach when I need to organize long lists of items. The icons with concrete object and the command can facilitate to interpret the items on the menu better.   

 This article was engaging and applicable in real life.  I took a class on cognitive and memory course last semester and it was impressive to find out how theories from the class actually applied to the devices that I use in everyday life. I got glimpse of process of device/program design and how the effective design refers back to study of human cognitive process.  As the author mentioned, I also think it is significant and necessary to design the program based on cognitive principles and theories, considering the user in mind.   

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